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    Track your vehicles. Anywhere and Anytime.

What We Can Offer

We offer a variety of services including Network Solution & Consultancy, Hardware & Software Integration, GPS & Automation, Server Maintenance and Knowledge Services.

Dedicated Team

Our team is our strength, a team which you can depend on. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.

Updated Standards

Compared to others, our standards are a little high. You will have to never worry on the facilities we provide.

Quality Assurance

We always maintain high level of quality in all our services and products, Especially in every stage of production.

Affordable Prices

Along with quality, Our services and paroducts are in the market with affordable prices.

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Our Featured Services

Devices which are perfect for tracking vehicles or any other assets.
We are experts in machine programming. We find pleasure in developing new hardware devices.
We Provide Reliable and Prompt Server Support and Maintenance Services.
Our network design team can develop and formulate the architecture of network solutions.
We are always happy to share every single new piece of knowledge that we acquire.
The way we all became the Brady Bunch and you know where you were then be to end.

For any electronics related solutions... We are there for you !!!

Our Product

Ulttra | The Ultimate Tracker

Ulttra is a personal companion for every individual. Ulttra, a proud product from Boxtrone Electronics, can pinpoint exact location of an event. Its most phenomenal feature is the flexibility to adapt to customizations for particular requirement. Don't be stunned when it pulls out some immediate backup if you ever meet with an accident on road. Tracking anything that belongs to you is not a big deal for Ulttra whether it is your vehicle, other valuable assets or your most valuable asset- your children and family.
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