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novice entry, first of all on the bike accessories to do an understanding. Deputy to the original mainly used for mountain biking, installed in the mountain car straight at the ends, there are a few people in the middle of the mountain car installed. bicycle pair deputy to the role of: one, is to make riding in a more posture, posture angle; two, is more easy to pull the car when climbing force; three, is to play a protective role in the accident when the car accident. the installation angle of the Deputy vary, but usually the end of the forward side of the angle. folding bicycle in many ways with a mountain bike is similar, install deputy to the above reasons, but also for and for folding bicycle, installation deputy to more of its necessity. In fact, not just for "good looking", or "look more sporty", this is only a secondary aspect, the main reason: for one thing, the folding bicycle handlebar is narrow, leading handling slightly worse, after installation of the vice, equal to the both ends of the transverse a can grip position, improve the control;Manipulation of Second, and handling, is for folding, folding car usually no roads, no cars or mountain bike that stretched out in front of the vertical, horizontal and vertical tube in the same plane, so that the hand cheap foamposites lebar structure, to ride control is also very big impact, usually many people just began to ride this car, will feel stability is poor, the car ride up feeling a bit floating, not easy to control, the fact is that with the handlebar. And the installation of deputy to, hold in deputy to the position, the car is very high, when the standing posture to shake the car, holding a deputy to feel force more smoothly and freely. due to the installation side to increase a bit, which in long distance riding is particularly important, because the BMX bike and mountain bike straight, in the riding not like bending the road by a change of position to change the body posture, adjust and move the center of gravity, a long time to maintain the same riding position, very easy to make the waist, back, shoulders, arms and other body parts quickly fatigue, after installation of the vice, you can ride in time to change the, timely adjust the riding posture and reduce fatigue. install deputy to, for the role of climbing needless to say, this and mountain bikes, road vehicles have similar place, usually climbing type car usually adopts a wide handlebar, breathe more easily, more easy to force. Reason is communicated with the folding bicycle deputy to choose from: normal, short and straight jordans for sale "claw" deputy to more appropriate, such as SpeedPro wife of human engineering deputy is a very good design, on the one hand because it is "a folding car" is in order to does not affect the vehicle folding, too long deputy to (such as horn) when folding is will occupy a lot of space; on the other hand is for simple aesthetic reasons.following several previous exposure of XII KD, VII KOBE, IX ELITE LeBron and other top Nike signature shoes NCAA University PE. This time, UA's star Curitiba endorsement of ClutchFit Drive officially released a University of Maryland color PE. 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Like friends, go to the official website and give it a try. Although NFL's influence in the country is far less than NBA, but as one of the three major league of America, NFL star popularity in the region naturally speaks for itself. Darrelle Revisu, the devastating defensive player from the New York jets, is definitely a household name, and these seemingly personal Air Jordan III Retro are for him. The shoe has both the logo of Darrelle's home town and the back of laser, his 24 shirt. since January 1st this year, shipping companies have increased shipping costs for European routes. Media reports, South Korea into the "Asia - Europe" line freight, the per TEU freight rate increased by $200 to $1400, an increase of 16.7% compared to the previous. Other members of the trans Pacific freight Stabilization Agreement (TSA) also raised fares for the routes, ranging from $100 to $150. According to industry sources, high oil prices and multimodal transport costs are a negative impact on the shipping industry, while the potential pressure of RMB appreciation is also making some manufacturers early shipments lead to freight rate increase this year. it is understood that the beginning of each year is the freight forwarding industry off-season, but this year is not the same as usual, and there is no difference between the season of light and season. In Guangzhou shoes business Mr. Li told reporters that the change in the freight forwarding industry reflects a change in foreign trade enterprises. For their own companies, due to concerns that the RMB exchange rate will continue to rise, and have consultations with customers, the February delivery of goods as early as possible, in order to reduce the loss caused by the appreciation of the renminbi. in January 11, 2007, the RMB exchange rate for the first time exceeded 7.8 yuan mark, a record high since the exchange rate reform, while the appreciation of the RMB, so that export enterprises worried. For many years engaged in foreign trade business Mr. Li told reporters, the RMB appreciation, not only to the enterprise contract quasi pricing, and to enterprise cash flow caused certain influence. He said: "the appreciation of the RMB is very difficult for us to predict. Today's price may still be profitable. But on the day when it was received, it was found to be losing money."." Mr. Li said, colleagues generally expected, the rise of the renminbi will be a continuous process, in order to reduce the losses caused by exchange rate fluctuations, enterprises in the second half of last year began to increase the volume of business, and the association between the foreign importer at the same time, taking delivery in advance. no one has any doubts about the revaluation of the renminbi. Analysts predict that in 2007, the Yuan's exchange rate against the dollar will rise by at least 5%. Over the past month, Chinese officials have become increasingly liberal in their appreciation of the renminbi. As for the floating exchange rate from the original fixed exchange rate to the present one, the enterprises should take full account of the fluctuation of the exchange rate, especially when quoting and exchanging foreign exchange. Now it seems that many companies are not adapted to this change. But to avoid the risk of exchange rate with the method of delivery in advance should be the beginning of the enterprise's positive response. in September 2006, the five ministries of the state announced the cancellation or reduction of the export rebate rateIn this strong Christmas atmosphere, every player is the major manufacturers of packaging from head to foot a foot, Jason Smith Soldier 8 PE Zoom version of Christmas is exceptionally happy. The use of white shoes as background, and select the red dotted vamp covered with Christmas trees and decorative patterns of snow. 1419544762874_720x450.jpg (116.75 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Zoom Soldier PE 8 Jason Smith Christmas color 2014-12-26 09:34 upload Montreal skateboard brand dime overwhelmed released new holiday series, covers a series of T-shirts, hoodies, pull chain shirt and hat section etc. a single product. Designed to show the brand and Dior is very similar to the classic logo, as well as reminiscent of the hand drawn cartoon of the irony of printing. The series is now available via the Dime online store and the pop-up store in Montreal. source: Dime