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and a new EU green barrier -- "on chemicals registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction system" (hereinafter referred to as "REACH") in June 1, 2007 will be fully implemented in the EU market, the PRD many export processing enterprises including more than 5000 enterprises in Dongguan, will face the most direct the impact of concern is at present most of the enterprises lack of awareness and ability to cope with. it is reported that the Dongguan inspection and Quarantine Bureau has set up a coordination team is to deal with REACH regulations, adopt various forms to help enterprises understand the contents of the REACH regulations and actively assist to take effective coping strategies, and will start to build the Dongguan area of REACH regulation service platform, targeted according to the regulations to strengthen the ability construction of laboratory, provide high quality service localization detection technology for the enterprise, to assist enterprises in Dongguan breakthrough". A lot of the Pearl River Delta city also adopted a number of measures to cope with the impact of green barriers is fierce. REACH is the new EU regulations system of chemicals production, trade and use of registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals management, involving about 30 thousand species, covering millions of chemical substances made by or add product configuration manufactured goods and chemicals. The legislation, which was passed in December 2006, will begin in June 1, 2007. In accordance with the provisions of the regulations does not exempt each manufacturer and importer of any chemicals registration obligations must be submitted to the registration information to the cheap air jordans European Chemicals Agency, otherwise it will not be used in the EU market. According to estimates, to obtain registration, the basic registration of a chemical substance, assessment costs about 85 thousand euros, new substances up to 575 thousand euros. Due to strict inspection standards and high testing costs, and all of these costs borne by enterprises, so the cost of enterprises will increase substantially. experts pointed out that before the WEEE, RoHS and EUP instructions compared to a wider range of REACH and influence, directly or indirectly affect the chemical raw materials and products, chemical fiber, rubber, plastics, textile, light industry, electronics, automobiles, household appliances, pharmaceuticals, paints and other more than 10 type of industry. 30 thousand kinds of chemical products in China, and relates to the use of chemical products, textile, clothing, shoes, toys, furniture, electrical and other downstream products exports to the EU will raise the road with this threshold, more difficult. the cost of sending European products increased by Dongguan inspection and quarantine department after the shoes, low-voltage electrical appliances, Wenzhou will also become the spokesperson for personal care products. "Chinese first exhibition" that the 106th session of the Canton Fair opened yesterday (left), hair care products by a foreign trade bureau led by Anderson, Chicago, Baxter and other 6 companies and CHINT low-voltage electrical appliances will promote won numerous applause, "personal care products made in Wenzhou" to the presence of domestic and foreign merchants leave a deep impression. this is the fair appearance again in Wenzhou brand promotion, is the cheap air jordans city government enterprise linkage, to tackle tough one of the initiatives. Before the spring fair, Wenzhou shoes brand site promotion has attracted the international customers attention. yesterday afternoon, when the gongs and drums were ringing, the passing merchants stopped to watch, and a lion dance opened the prelude to the "special show" in Wenzhou. Organizers in order to help brand enterprises to attract customers, so that all the best. The magic show planning, create new styles (An Da), ANDA PRITECH (soil storage) and colorful art show, PAITER (Baxter), SMARTPRO (joint import and export products) magic show, Eternity (Zhong Zhi), JINDELI (the mystery of the fashion show, Jindeli) by painting, dance, magic, music and other unique art forms to show Wenzhou brand fashion charm. : according to organizers, the personal care industry in Wenzhou is an emerging industry, each year to maintain the growth rate of 30%-40%, is in an upward stage of development. In order to further explore domestic and foreign markets, with the help of the Canton fair platform Baotuan promotion, in order to find more room for development. general manager of Zhejiang anda Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. Lin Ping said that with the use of Barber Room products for civilian use, the industry will release greater development potential. The promotion will enhance the domestic and foreign merchants' impression of Wenzhou as a personal care base. Zhong Zhi, anda and other enterprises are constantly engaged in R & D, through functional transformation and appearance improvement, in order to consolidate their leading position in the industry. : at the promotion conference, Wenzhou enterprises highlight the overall image of air jordan 11 space jam for sale the Wenzhou industry through the distribution of publications, performances, advertising and special gifts show in Wenzhou. the world economy is slowly recovering at dawn, China economy is at a critical stage in the recovery, while Wenzhou is walking in the forefront of the recovery, the promotion also further revealed the Wenzhou municipal government firmly going out of business confidence. According to the latest data of the Bureau of foreign trade and economic cooperation, between 1 and September, Wenzhou achieved 7 billion 990 million US dollars in foreign trade exports, and it is realizing the three major breakthrough in the industry, the market and the region. 〈)With the end of last year and Fragment Design have launched a joint color and fame of this pair of Nike Roshe LD-1000, has once again released a new set of color series, the designer choose tide wave point circle classical decorative elements shoes so this would tide flavor shoes also do not have a flavor. I believe it will certainly not disgrace Nike lost mission. It is reported that the first landing of the shoes now selling some stores, and interested friends may wish to shop look at it. Timberland GT Scramble new color recommended 2013-12-08 22:52:42 Yesterday we recommend a pair of color extremely jump & nbsp; Timberland GT Scramble new products, the & nbsp; Timberland also announced the addition of a color & nbsp; GT Scramble. The color used in recent years hot olive green color, to orange outline details, I feel the military, yet the trend taste. Like friends can log on & nbsp; KithNYC & nbsp; View purchase details. Air Jordan 5 "Oreo" latest physical tushang 2013-12-08 23:34:21 Yesterday we reported the this highly anticipated new jordans shoes for sale & nbsp; Air Jordan 5 "Oreo" color will be at this year's Black Friday November 29 sale, today, this shoe detail picture spread in the network. The ultimate interpretation of the black and white, and with a certain amount of ink decoration, very beautiful. Like a friend and then wait a couple of months! Weibo Company Cooperative Contact Us Copyright Beijing Seth Times Media Culture Co., Ltd. Copyright? 2015 SIZE media, All Right Reserved. Beijing ICP 13028176summer arrived, but also began to rub sunscreen to avoid the sun's attack. But when it comes to the sun, we generally use harsh sun to describe, so buy sunglasses to protect the eyes is equally important. Secondly, in addition to the sunglasses in addition to resist ultraviolet light, the use of more than 13 of the use of sunglasses. What is then buy Sunglasses tips? how to choose good quality glasses? 1, look at the value of UVglasses as something to protect the eyes, we must be able to block the UV, a pair of high UV protection sunglasses, to avoid the damage to the eyes of the uv. 2, watching lens sunglasses alignment light, view sunglasses lens surface is not smooth, no bump, no grinding marks and bubble. If there are more problems, then the lens may have some damage. Wear prone to dizziness and so on. The sunglasses placed horizontally, observe whether the same degree of lens tilt. Take sunglasses, according to the 45 cm of the eyes, through the glasses to see the vertical and horizontal lines. Myopia lens can also be resolved in accordance with this method if the purchase is polarized sunglasses, a liquid crystal display screen mobile phone, looking through the polarizer, rotating LCD screen, look at the sc jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black reen to rotate along with the black, this is true of polarized sunglasses. Of course, with a large screen LCD display better. of course, good light quality is not good, I also want to bring up the handsome, or I will not be installed 13 I will teach you how to the face to pick sunglasses. first to a pie face, let me gnaw. facial features: round face features of the course is more rounded face, will make people feel is fat!!! buy Sunglasses features: select the framework of a more bulky, more founder of the structure, the lens color is more dark, there will be the effect of tightening the face. again a diamond shaped face facial features: narrow under the narrow, only the middle of a wide, give people a very man feeling. to buy Sunglasses features: mirror is wide, the modified thin narrow temple, the lens color choice is dark, can have the effect of zygomatic contraction. / oval oval faceface features: Congratulations you have a standard face, basically can control all the sunglasses. optional features: have such a perfect face, and quickly choose to have a shape, lens gradient sunglasses, you can increase the attention of others to you. square face features: face to face is a man of integrity tough feeling. to buy Sunglasses features: four soft curve of the round glasses, the founder of the face will be soft. polyphonic Nike "Aloha Hawaiian Print series is still in the continuous introduction of, after black, red and white color, overwhelmed by the brand brings a khaki printing color series. Shoes, Nike Roshe one, air max 1, air Pegasus 83 three classic models, including the khaki color collocation enthusiasm of Hawaiian Print, soft and wild. At present, these three models can be purchased by foreign shoes shop Gol Cheap foamposites for sale d Asphalt. Roshe OneNikenumber: 749986-281Nike Air Max 1number: 528898-200Nike Air Pegasus 83number: 725079-200get reloaded, the app store search "get" to download the latest version, more information about shoes, more beauty pretty shoes, Nike grab shoes, true and false identification of shoes, cool T-shirt gold and get everything; detailed inquiry micro letter "dunkhome", "getdunkhome", micro Bo "when the guest," "getapp" and get our sports life! Source: Asphalt GoldJordan Melo M9 latest color toxin green exposure 2013-12-08 23:03:29 do you remember the M8 of Easter colors last year? This give us the suspected Easter color of the M9, you feel it. My main color collocation vamp with blue green and yellow lace embellishment, so that the shoe is more like the Easter color, now the release date has not been determined, presumably this month end of the market, we all look forward to it. NikeLab Air Footscape Woven releases two brand new color matching 2016-08-27 11:41:51 the day before, Nike will release two new color NikeLab Air Footscape Woven. Two pairs of shoes uppers are presented in a solid color form, respectively, with brown, black filling, highlighting their own texture, and the bottom is white to create, simple atmosphere, full of flavor. The price of the shoes is $180, and the interested friends may wish to pay attention to it.Air Jordan XXX "Gym Red" sale information exposed 2016-04-22 11:07:29 introduced earlier this pair of Air Jordan XXX "Gym Red", and today finally exposed its offering information. The vamp features red and black color, with white big bottom showing, the overall color style exudes a strong bull atmosphere, but the new shoes for everyone to create a different feeling. It is reported that the shoes will be on sale in May 21st, the number of 811006-601, interested friends may wish to focus. Kazuki Kuarishi x adidas Originals ZXZ ADV "84-Lab" new products debut 2013-12-08 23:44:05 as a designer by Adidas Originals bin Shi Yi Shu "84-Lab" recently another new release, the ZXZ ADV ZX500 "84-Lab" as the blueprint for the design of shoes, the biggest bright spot is the navy blue leather material to create a shoe body, a shiny texture. With navy blue shoes and lining, is still the continuation of the design style of Cang Shi Yi Shu deep inside. But the tongue of the joint sign also shows the unique identity of this shoe, interested friends may wish to look at, the shoes will be in the future sale.Air Jordan XXX "Black" in April struck 2016-03-24 15:28:43 in front of this Air Jordan XXX "Black" as early as this year's All-Star weekend on the debut, and now, Jordan Brand will be the shoes as the market color ready to sell on the market. The shoes use black through, black shoes with crystal bottom, simple atmosphere low-key, although Air Jordan XXX first appeared at the time of controversy, but from the actual effect, it is also a good actual combat shoes. The shoes will be officially on sale in April 16th number: 811006-010, interested friends may wish to look at. adidas Originals 2017 spring summer media preview for "original" redefined 2016-12-09 15:48:27 as the original pioneer of the street, Adidas Originals always put the original spirit to the forefront, explore the unlimited possibilities on the basis of the existing brand concept, and practice the endless longing for the future. Adidas Originals 2017 spring and summer media preview was held in Beijing in December 8th, and together with you, focus on the new direction in 2017, open another original chapter. 2017 there will be new members of family, Adidas; Originals new brand spokesperson Angela Baby ANGELABABY Wu Yifan, Eason Chan will join Fan Bingbing and force to promote the spirit of the original, to inject new vitality into Adidas Originals, bloom fashion charm. shoes, TUBULAR series of kicks, one year from the perspective of design innovation. Adhering to the TUBULAR family avant garde sense, a new shoe type TUBULAR Shadow equipped with a thick EVA outsole, and woven and mesh materials to create a unique version. Clothing, will be kicked off by EQT theme series clothing. The adidas historical details and the current multi-dimensional development of each other, EQT clothing to the birthplace of clover BERLIN Berlin as inspiration, supplemented by the full equipment of single products. Strong in sports apparel retro three bars embellishment shows Originals years of rich brand history, Adidas; the most intuitive side is accurate. as can now in the market to buy the LeBron boots, LeBron Xi was born in both from the appearance, technology, color or the derivative shoes, give us brought great shock. although basketball shoes used material of Posite before it can back to FoamPosite series, but compared FoamPosite series soft lines, or is an era HyperPosite bland, with modified Posite, with oblique Swoosh modification of LeBron Xi reflected the bully gas, three-dimensional sense is unmatched by predecessors and contemporaries of the opponents. Better. although regional Posite LeBron Xi very well to protect the foot force position, but the hot foot as is evident, in view of this, the designer specially in the design intends to reduce the Posite coverage area, and will be in other parts of the vamp all enabled grid HyperFuse vamp and the hollowed out breathable mesh well release the Posite brought about by the hot and heavy, and in combination with HyperFuse Posite, LeBron Xi than HyperPosite to if bring the improvement of the combination of visual impact and better protect and comfort HyperPosite and HyperFuse then replace traditional bottom of the whole palm zoom lunar insole should be regarded as a pioneering work. This will be the Zoom shock unit with Lunar insole technology not only greatly reduced in the bottom of the weight, but also provide better quality shock. should recognize Nike is master of color, it is worth mentioning is LeBron x compared to before, in the choice of theme color has a lot of rich, but LeBron Xi a wide variety of color and in the summer still will continue to offer the new shoe money make us better understand the into the cultural characteristics of the United States of the shoes. The most classic "waht the" color more is sole rating for LeBron Xi series the best color, this combination of LeBron before the eighth generation characteristics of color in China offering day was immediately sold out, after more than a month of the overseas sale still is unusually hot. and remove the unpopular "what the" color outside, there are familiar to everyone in the south coast, the terracotta warriors and horses and other topics have appeared on LeBron Xi. In addition, LeBron Xi is LeBron Xi elite, Xi low, LeBron, lifestyle three derivative shoes, details please see we follow the detailed. XI LeBron on the detailed introduction and all of the color, please see our file page〉