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In order to celebrate the Rodman Hall of Famer Rodman Nike special boots Air Darwin spurs during launch, the new shoes and shoe are not only compared to original innovation, and combining with the classic Air Darwin upper air unit Air Max 360. Brand new name "Nike Air Max Darwin 360", will be in the 2012 Summer basketball shoes products launched 4 colors and meet you, priced at $160. What do you think of this combination? Christmas is coming, at first glance, this two pair of Nike SB Blazer was just like Christmas don't note version, but don't misunderstand, this new 2010 month genuine goods at a fair price will be sold, now quietly the news release, the set of red and green suede like the Christmas husband park like lovable, red version of NIKE gogo relative occult green versions of the significant recent attention, also Blazer, SB styles of the same hot, every time is limited under the inducement, believe that this is currently in Japan limited sale of red and green Beaming with Joy inquiry will be high version of the same. After Brazil, England and the United States, the Nike and the French national team to create a set of New Jersey, and invited the young people for the New Jersey shooting publicity photos. This shirt is a classic Mariniè re; French sailor suit for inspiration to create, design cleverly using gray stripes, showing a new generation of young and energetic gallic rooster. As with the home court Jersey Away Jersey details inspired by the southern French town of N MES, here is the birthplace of modern denim, so designers will be the 45 degree diagonal texture of the classic cowboy Gyrosigma, applied to the design of new jersey fabric, and the collar and the ball side below the wh Cheap foamposites for sale ite clothes selvage design it emphasizes the beauty and comfort of jersey. In addition, logo design inspiration from the French team in 1958 the chest badge style, so as to let the players feel the full team of brilliant history. In addition, the brand also continue to use recycled water bottle made of materials to create jerseys, and equipped with the exclusive Dri-FIT technology, laser cutting and ventilation design, make the shirt can bring good performance are in all respects. This shirt will be officially on sale in April 3rd, and will begin today at pre. nike-2014-french-football-federation-kit-sees-the-return-of-the-mariniere-design-1.jpg (144.49 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-5 14:21 upload This year's Nike & Jordan Brand is fierce, constantly using new and limited edition siege shoe city, as well as the heavyweight Air Jordan 6 engraved company, make people too busy to attend to all. At the same time, many shoes are quite love Foamposite series is also a new emerging, burst pattern as the theme of the Nike Air Foamposite Pro ELEPHANT PRINT formal exposure. The overall use of the stunning full burst uppers, black ash burst decorations collocation outsole pink, white and gray with details of embellishment, the overall effect is quite eye-catching. 1-140305231102.jpg (102.11 KB, download number: 13) download 2014-3-6 09:17 upload 1-140305231055.jpg (84.88 KB, download number: 13) download 2014-3-6 09:17 upload 1-140305231100.jpg (109.62 KB, download number: 13) download 2014-3-6 09:17 upload 1-140305231057.jpg (88.9 KB, download number: 13) download 2014-3-6 09:17 upload 1-140305231104.jpg (93.58 KB, download number: 13) download 2014-3-6 09:17 Nike Air jordans on sale online Foamposite, upload , Pro, ELEPHANT, 00and everyone today to enjoy a Y-3 NOCI Low new color "Crystal White", the overall sense of the future. The shoes are made of neoprene mesh and seamless surface, which bring super light experience. It is reported that the shoes can be purchased online, priced at $390. because the shape resembles Adidas Yeezy BOOST 350, and has become "small coconut" Adidas Originals Tubular Shadow, recently released a new "Duck Camo" color. It is made of camouflage fabric, with white sole and black and white mixed weave upper. It is fashionable. The shoes are now available at the designated stores, priced at 120 not the same as the ENDURO: mountain bike race can have more play. There is no match can want to ride a ride, and want to stop, and unlimited beer barbecue at any time to recharge? Come to spectators cheering friends and relatives and food to eat to the full. Also, meet certain hidden in the innermost desire to cross dress, finally can holding prizes happy home! Such praise the game is in Taiwan Super 8. Therefore, 2010 so far, entered the sixth annual Super 8 tournament has become Taiwan's mountain bike enthusiasts every year together look forward to participate in an annual event. Super 8 tournament's purpose is to let your hidden transvestite can come out of the closet and find an excuse to and Taiwan Cheyou hobnobbing, also meet the abnormal psychology of organizers abuse contestants. Set aside a regular format, all participating players can be very free to enjoy the game, to ride, ride to the explosion, riding to exhaustion, riding to completely to ride, enjoy the organizers carefully planning the G8 track, like to drink, live a beer truck and unlimited supply w new jordans shoes for sale ill let you drink to meet, hungry must also be able to let you eat to belly pluggin home, less the rivalry between the tension and the audience full of joy and delight. the origin of events in 2010 a night, a group of riders in the online group chat, a riders random coming out of a joke, not wanted to actually ignite the interest of several predecessors and riders, a few months later Super 8 tournament was born. Initially in Taichung Dadu Shan Nan Liao area planning a circle of 8km track, on the downhill half, en route to a pot bellied mountain famous pebbles and laterite road and high speed down a steep road, in 8 hours of time to complete the circle number and the most wins in the road cycling eight hours, the light to the very suffering, 2014, the format changed to timing, the entire three downhill stage, divided into a B C three lines, the starting and arriving are required to clock in time, as long as in every stage of the closing time before climbing back to the starting point, can enter the next stage of the timing, the last three sections of the route of the completion time and total time shortest win. This year's competition is divided into men, women group, adult group and dressing group, 6:30 in the morning opening report shortly after it began to rain, but still these mountain bike fanatics excited mood, 8:00 a A line to start on time departure, seeing the rain is more and more big, the more excited the friends and have come to the starting point of the next line, all day is a burst of intermittent rain, the game at the same time the venue also continued to carry out the fun games and lottery players to refuel and let friends and relatives they have to play activities can get prizes, B line run jordans on sale mens when the rain stopped for a while at this time, beer car and roast sausage has long EVA, some riders choose to start to finish the race, there are a lot of fans have put aside game started beer contest, B line. After the break time is slightly elongated, so that you can have enough time to eat, eat.Marathon preparing equipment supernova series --supernova sequence boost, supernova glide boost, in the end a revolutionary rejuvenation classic running shoes Technology BOOST power, provide endless energy back to the runner. As classic adidas supernova running shoes series, it has been its excellent stability for the majority of running friends love. supernova sequence boost steady keel tray mounted Stable Frame Structure and Torsion & reg; anti-twist system, the former can be effectively undertake soles and uppers provide additional support to protect. The latter can be connected between the front and rear torsion feet more natural, so as to effectively prevent foot flip. supernova glide boost the use of continental outsole, and Torsion & reg; before and after the connection palm, soles make the force more evenly and have a strong grip. It is worth mentioning that, supernova sequence boost this year received more international professional running magazine "Runners World" (English edition) is the best innovation award. Civilist Dunk High SB upcoming sale on 2013-12-08 23:45:14 Following the last release Nike SB x Fragment Design sparked heated debate, this time in cooperation with the German Nike SB skateboarding goods stores Civilist, launched a new collaborative product Civilist Dunk High SB. Civilist in Berlin, the owner Alen Flach is a local well-known magazine editor, a blend of many well-known skateboar cheap air jordans online d store brands, store layout and display space is full of art. Civilist Dunk High SB design inspired by the new German National Art Gallery, located in the heart of Berlin, this building is not only a temple of modern art, it is highly respected local skaters skate Holy Land. Shoes with a black, coal black leather and suede uppers material made of, symbolizes the art gallery by architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's hand and dark window frame design. According to the gallery within the chair designed by Plaid quilted collar, full texture. Striped pattern on the tongue also can not help but think of the hall decoration. And after the wax-treated cotton laces intended to pay tribute to the gallery in the building around the square waxed bench. Civilist Dunk High SB will be held October 18 in, Xidan Joy City store Nike extreme sports, extreme sports shop in the New World, Nike, BLUE HAWAII SURF and FLY limited edition. Civilist Dunk High SB specific release Address: Joy Nike extreme sports shop (Xidan North Street, Xicheng District, Beijing No. 131 5 layer 5-25010- 57,530,036) Shanghai Nanjing West Road New World Nike extreme sports shop (Nanjing West Road, 6th Floor 2-68 18918083883) Blue Hawaii (Beijing Chaoyang District, Southern District Road 19 village Layer S4-28 010-64152813) FLY Shanghai (Shanghai Changle Road, No. 704 021-54670061) FLY Beijing (Beijing, North Street, Dongcheng District 302 010-64022151) FLY Chengdu (Jinjiang Hongxing Road East Street, 1st Floor, Champagne Plaza, Chengdu No. 143-144 028-86660259) FLY Zhengzhou ( Zhengzhou North Village on the 5th attached to any 1 0371-63927107) Nike Hyperrev black and white col Cheap jordans online or debut 2014-02-24 20:57:19 Earlier exposed several of Nike Hyperrev already listed for sale in some areas began, and overwhelmed by the debut version uses a simple black and white color, the shape becomes more slender, more sense of speed. With silver embellishment in the details, as monotonous vamp adds a touch of color highlights. It is reported that this color has also been on sale in Japan, I believe will soon landed the global market, and interested friends can look at. Nike "sneakers crazy will" first come Xi'an 2013-12-08 23:44:33 September 28, 2013, Sneaker cultural promotion activities sponsored by the Nike "shoes will be crazy" for the first time in thirteen towards the ancient capital of Xi'an hold. The event attracted a large number of Sneaker Head Xi'an to participate, and the event is even more important part of the first opened LEBRON XI "TERRACOTTA WARRIOR" true color of the terracotta warriors in mainland China. To cope with organizing this event, the organizers erected on one side, particularly in the field full of a sense of ancient city wall display wall, display have Nike LEBRON series of ancient classic shoes. It also came from Terracotta Warriors and Horses transported to the two sizes of one to one "General figurines" copies placed in the field, creating a rich historical and cultural characteristics of Xi'an. At the event, the first invitation to ten Sneaker fans from Xi'an Area Head for the field to participate in the activities of shoe fans and Lebron James tells the story of ten generations of sneakers Nike LEBRON series. Then the scene to guide special invitation from the Terracotta Warriors and Horses in Xi'an, the Terracotta Warriors site to introduce relevant background and history. Then staff from the Nike "sneakers crazy will" of all the guests at the scene to witness, to call out a protagonist --LEBRON XI activities "TERRACOTTA WARRIOR" color shoes. after the guests for the site about "TERRACOTTA WARRIOR" matching shoes and all the details about LEBRON XI-related products, Nike "sneakers mad will," the staff also live shows in advance for everyone around LEBRON XI The upcoming peripheral products, such as shirts, autumn pants, jackets, etc., are greatly attracted all invited to join the Sneaker Head enthusiasm. In order to increase participation scene shoe fans, the final event also held a "touch shoe contest," shoe fans to participate should wear gloves blindfolded, within a specified period of time in order to work out the Nike LEBRON series The sections of the shoes. But the ultimate prize is one pair of Nike LEBRON XI TERRACOTTA WARRIOR limited edition color of the shoes. but chose to organize such events in the ancient city of Xi'an, the most important reason is the latest generation of Nike LEBRON XI "TERRACOTTA WARRIOR" terracotta color of shoes inspired by the Terracotta Warriors and Horses in Xi'an - in 2011 When Lebron James visited China Xi'an Terracotta Army left a deep impression, and in the design of this shoe, terracotta element glance, with stone colors with purple, green, red and other colors and simple, to restore the original Terracotta Warriors coloring. Upper symbol texture pattern coveralls armor worn by soldiers. Within the bottom trays unique pattern design draws Terracotta Bronze Age production design.adidas Originals at the end of last year launched the new shoes X_PLR, although not equipped with the strongest brand BOOST technology, but still with a design similar to NMD and relatively cheap price by a lot of attention. Recently, brand will for this pair of civilian version NMD added two new color, design using red and green woven materials with unique texture, and both sides are black synthetic leather reinforcement, also equipped with present snap type lacing system. It is reported that the two pairs of X_PLR will be on March 10th at ABC-MART exclusive offer, each pair priced at 10249 yen. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! "Multicolor" NIKE "color is almost unique weapon, to greet the arrival of spring, the brand again up" Multicolor "color whirlwind, popular type of shoes under paragraph two covered with a colorful coat. first, designed for female friends Nike Air Max Thea design; after equipped with comfortable breathable and light Flyknit woven into the vamp and lightweight Ultra midsole design, rising popularity and brand wins while chasing a goddess must bring "Multicolor" color. Multicolor interlaced slender body of the shoe uppers collocation, smooth and clean white bottom, very all-match. Currently on the shelves NIKE official website and designated suppliers, priced at $150, interested friends pay more attention. number: 881175-600 then, Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Flyknit 2 will also launch the "MultiColor" color scheme. Classic shoes with a multicolored blend of Flyknit woven uppers, collision of a different spark. Already on shelves, designated suppliers, such as Afew, are priced at $160. number: 875943-002 APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience!North Carolina blue color Air Jordan 1 Retro OG High "UNC/Powder Blue "; in October 10th again engraved regression will be synchronized on Chinese website, priced at $1249 RMB.1412PM01933P-23516.jpg (153.81 KB, download number: 2) download Nike Roshe Run Print tropical flowers 2014-10-9 09:08 upload After the popularity of the Miami brand LYFE teamed up with the Lining launched a super limited edition Way of Wade 4, the Edition Boutique also launched by the cooperation with Lining. The two sides draw inspiration from the design of street culture in Miami, still use the bursting with popularity of Wade Road 4 as a design template, decorate the mesh by the black shoes, and tongue, heel, and the insole of the shoe body brand Logo with gold ornament, finally carrying blue transparent rubber outsole. the-edition-boutique-li-ning-way-of-wade-4-3.jpg (226.71 KB, download number: 39) download The Edition Boutique x Li-Ning Way of Wade 4 2016-5-3 08:30 upload the-edition-boutique-li-ning-way-of-wade-4.jpg (331.67 KB, download number: 35) download The Edition Boutique x Li-Ning Way of Wade 4 2016-5-3 08:30 upload the-edition-boutique-li-ning-way-of-wade-4-2.jpg (196.56 KB, download number: 39) download The Edition Boutique x Li-Ning Way of Wade 4 2016-5-3 08:30 upload the-edition-boutique-li-ning-way-of-wade-4-1.jpg (190.56 KB, download number: 36) download The Edition Boutique x Li-Ning Way of Wade 4 2016-5-3 08:30 upload the-edition-boutique-li-ning-way-of-wade-4-4.jpg (406.42 KB, download number: 45) download 0